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    Reservation Form for 220 Madison

    Thanks for your interest in 220 Madison, an affordable urban living alternative to "Luxury" urban apartments. Please complete the form below to be placed on our priority list for our initial group of residents.

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      Terms and Conditions

      • Initial monthly rent is expected to range between $769-$992 per month per bedroom depending on floor, floor plan, size and views.
      • Floor plans, common areas and building exterior are artist's rendering. All dimensions are approximate. Actual product and specifications may vary in dimension or detail. Not all features are available in every apartment.
      • There is no associated parking with these units.  220 Madison is ideal for those residents that do not want to own a car.
      • We expect to have ZipCar spots and ride share areas available close to the property.  We expect to have a large amount of bike racks in front of the property.
      • Move ins are expected by August 2018, but could change due to permits, construction delays, etc.
      • There is a small $50 reservation fee.  We want to make sure that the people that reserve are serious.
      • This is a FULLY REFUNDABLE reservation fee and can be canceled at anytime by the party making the reservation.
      • If you prefer, reservations can also be taken in person at our other property, West River Flats, located at 1545 Spruce Terrace, Tampa Florida 33607.  Phone number there is 813-325-0000.  Money orders only, no cash.
      • To request a refund, please send your request to or call us at 813-325-0000.

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      Urban Micro Apartments May Offer Millennials Path Towards Wealth Creation

      Urban Micro Apartments May Offer Millennials Path Towards Wealth Creation

      According to The Institute of College Access and Success report on student debt, the average student borrower has over $30,000 in student loan debt, or about $300 per month.  The sinister characteristic about this debt is that it cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.  That means that these borrowers will have this debt hanging over their lives for a significant time.  Now couple that with the cost of owning a car, which according to AAA’s 2015 car ownership cost study is $725 per month and you start out the month with over $1,000 in the hole, and that’s after tax money.  If you throw on rent, food, healthcare and other expenses, its no wonder that the average young person cannot save any money.

      Micro apartments in urban areas may offer an escape from this long term debt problem.

      First, micro apartment in urban areas allow its residents to live closer to the urban core where the salaries are higher on average than the suburban areas.  Another factor is given that they do not have to spend time commuting to and from work, they can spend more time at work.  This additional work time can be in the form of longer hours, a part time job or even freelancing.

      Second, because they are in the urban core, urban micro apartment residents skip car ownership, essentially putting that $725 back in their pockets.

      Finally, the inherent lower cost of smaller spaced apartments means that they are also saving on rent.

      In summary, these three elements can lead to Millennials to save money and put them on a stronger financial footing to later invest in the purchase of their own home or starting a business, both excellent paths toward a better future.

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